Will the PickleUpper fit my paddle?

The PickleUpper is designed to fit all standard paddle sizes. For larger handles or handles that have extra grip tape, it may be necessary to stretch  the rubber so it fits over the butt of the handle. Using a butter knife like a shoe horn can also help with extra large handles.

Do you offer refunds?

If your PickleUpper is defective or does not fit your handle, we offer a full moneyback guarantee.

Will the PickleUpper interfere will my play?

No, the Pickleupper is designed to be used between points as well as during play. The rubber neck of the PickleUpper may overlap a bit with your grip, but most players adjust quickly and don't notice it once play begins.

Will the PickleUpper work with all balls?

The suction cup is sized to fit standard regulation pickleballs. New balls often come with a smooth surface that compromises the suction function of the PickleUpper, however, after a short time playing with new balls the the surface of the pickleball will become rougher, thereby enabling the suction cup to work properly.

Does the PickleUpper require any maintenance?

For optimum performance, we recommend keeping the inside of the suction cup clean and free of dust or dirt.

Is the PickleUpper patented?

Yes, the PickleUpper is patent-pending.